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Photography started for me in the 1960s developing b/w images from my mother's Kodak 120 camera on a kids camp in the Blue Mountains. Later there were Kodak Instamatic cameras with small square b/w prints. I set up my own laundry darkroom in the 1970s, first using old negatives, then with an Olympus OM20 film camera which I still have. Kids followed, with many years of small digital cameras and lots of holiday snaps. In 2012 I moved to  a DSLR (Canon 7D) and began putting more effort into making memorable images. Recently I've moved to the Sony mirrorless A7R3.  

Travel photography has been my bread and butter, but I'm also very keen on Street photography and have continued my interest in black and white. Much of my everyday photography has revolved around family events and sport.

I also have some galleries on Flickr, including:

       Family trip to Europe in 2016

       Street photography

and a LensCulture site which currently doesn't have much on it.

Here are links to readable versions of some of my photobooks. Printed by Blurb, but also available to view on a site called Flipbook. Flipbook is a little easier to navigate, but includes ads. Printed copies can be purchased at Blurb.

      A Week in Paris (Blurb)

      Faces of Sri Lanka (Blurb or Flipbook)

      Otto 2020 (Flipbook)

      The Jenkins Melting Pot (Flipbook)

      Pottering about in Riverwood (Blurb or Flipbook)

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